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Are you interested in hands technology? Would you like to try out new technical devices and products? Then the right one for you could be Product Tester together with Media Markt. Media Markt is Germany’s No. 1 market for technology products. Largest product range of products from the Scopus technology. Media Markt is looking for so-called test pilots on a regular basis, including product testers to test new products, but also to test existing products.


In order to become a product tester together with Media Markt, you first need a customer account in the store’s online shop. You should also be a member of the Media Markt Association. You don’t have an account yet and you are still not a member? No question! The entry is done intrinsically in a few minutes and is also free. With this you create the prerequisites to become a test pilot together with Media Markt. Whichever you even need is an e-mail-message-message-activity memorandum and a valid address in Germany.

After this entry you can log in to the members area. In the menu you will find a merge sub-item with the name Testpilot. There the spectrum will be explained to you like clockwork and understandably.

In order to take part in a test, you have to apply for the respective product test after your entry. However, do not be surprised if you do not see a test written out at the origin. Media Markt does not constantly advertise product tests. Sometimes, however, a test is only advertised in a certain group of members. Have a little patience in this regard. Always look into the tunnel entrance and find out about new possible tests. In the member area you will also find all tests that have already been completed. In this way you can get a good impression of which products can be tested and what Media Markt’s requirements are for you.

 What are the tasks of a product tester?

In principle, as a product tester, you are responsible for new products, while even testing existing products for their suitability. That test should always take place under everyday conditions in order to get a real test result. In the socket at the test you have to write a regularity because the product tester The regularity requirements vary from company to company.

After the application phase is over, Media Markt selects a large number of testers. Which will then be notified via email message message remaining participating in the product test. If you are one of the chosen ones, Media Markt will send you the product to be tested free of charge to the address you provided. Depending on the product, the product test takes between two and four weeks. At that time you should test the product extensively to get a good impression of it. Media Markt expects detailed regularity from the test pilots in the jack. For the best of the form of that regularity, you usually have at least a week. Take the regularity ceremonial! If you do not submit a regularity or the regularity is incomplete, Media Markt may exclude you from future tests.

Media Markt defines the need for regularity in the field of tension with other providers very precisely. That text should now have a minimum of 50 words and be written impersonally. In addition, Media Markt expected a precise nomination on the advantages and disadvantages of the product. The regularity must be written in your own words and must not be copied. Media Markt publishes the same on social networks, among other things. With an honest regularity, you help future customers to merge better syllabus to get that product and thus shape their purchase decision.

Conclusion: Product pilot residing at Media Markt – is it worth it?

If you are interested in technical products, you should consider becoming a product tester based at Media Markt. Although the waiting time for the test can sometimes be a little longer, it can be worthwhile during. Like a Media Markt Klub member, you also benefit from other attractive advantages. Registration in the Media Markt Club is therefore worthwhile in every situation.

Media Markt is a serious provider of product tests. As Media Markt is based in Germany, you don’t have to worry about your data. Even active product testers report positively from the participation in product tests with Media Markt. Media Markt treats your data sensitively and does not pass it on to third parties.

In many cases, Media Markt lets you test the product in the plug-in contact. For this reason alone, taking part in a product test is very worthwhile. Especially if you keep yourself inquisitive about technology, you run the risk of getting to know high-quality products that you might still have to buy at a high price.

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