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Would you like to know how you can earn money quickly and easily with apps? In this article you will learn what options there are and which are best suited for extra income.

1. Completing online surveys

Online survey apps

  • Place of opinion
  • Life Points
  • Mingle
  • Trend question
  • Panel
  • Swag bucks
  • Google polls

One way to make money with apps that most of you have heard of is online surveys. When doing a Google search for extra income opportunities, filling out surveys is often mentioned first. The question now is: Is it really worth it?

In this article we have shown in detail that you can make money with online surveys – but the income potential is very limited. You will therefore find it difficult to earn an income of 50 euros per day just by completing surveys.

Still, it can’t hurt to sign up for a few good survey institutes and apps to earn a few euros a day. In combination with the other apps that we introduce to you in this article, you will easily get over 50 euros per day.

One advantage of online surveys: In contrast to other methods of earning money, you do not have to make any preliminary investments when completing surveys and you do not need any special skills. You just have to find a good provider, register and you can start answering surveys via the app.

While some providers offer their own survey app – for example, the Google survey app is a popular one – with others you can only access their platform via an Internet browser. We recommend that you do your research beforehand and only sign up for reputable survey platforms and apps with good ratings. Also make sure that you can have your money paid out reliably with a provider.

Product test apps

Next we come to apps that have certain similarities to online surveys, but are completely different: product tests.

In contrast to online surveys, the commitment you make as a tester is usually a little higher – but the income potential is correspondingly higher and you can usually earn significantly more money than with online surveys alone.

The variety of product test providers with whom you can earn money via an app is very diverse and it is not always easy to find the best offers. In general, there are two ways in which you can find product tests:

  1. Either directly via the website of a company (these are usually larger companies such as Samsung or Google) that wants to test its products directly with its target group. However, a lot of research is required here to find the best product reviews and to be able to earn money with apps.
  2. Or you can search on websites and apps specially designed for product tests such as the one from Providers such as Testerheld receive orders from various companies and offer them bundled on their platform. This is not only practical for companies, but also especially for product testers, who find such a good contact point and can ultimately have money paid out directly from the platform.

The type of tests and their payment are very variable and depend on the products tested. For example, there are food tests that have to be tested “physically” and often on site. In other product tests, for example in the technological and digital area, you can usually take part remotely with your smartphone or computer and earn money online.

3. Mikrojobs


  • Streetspotr
  • Roamler
  • AppJobber
  • Streetbees

One of the most time-consuming but also most lucrative ways to make money with apps is doing small jobs for companies and customers in your city.

There are numerous different apps where you can find mini-assignments in your area. The tasks include, for example, finding out contact details, counting items in the supermarket or taking photos of menus.

Sounds like mini-assignments, and they are. Such “micro jobs” are usually paid for with less than 10 euros. But if you live in a larger city, you will sometimes find a large number of jobs and can earn a lot more – in many cases more than 50 euros per day.

Are you wondering why companies like Microsoft or Red Bull are willing to pay for such mini-contracts? Well, for many companies it is much more practical and flexible to use apps like Streetspotr to place smaller orders. Because employing their own employees would usually be much more expensive for them. The companies then use the information collected for marketing or other purposes, for example.

These mini jobs are in some ways similar to Pokémon Go and the fun factor is not neglected. Searching for and completing orders can develop into a real “hunt” on which you have to assert yourself against your competitors.

Incidentally, most of the jobs are not demanding. Almost anyone can take photos or find out simple information about a place. The trick, however, is that you usually have to be on site for the micro jobs and that is why a lot is in motion. Just at home you won’t be able to make a lot of money with it.

Anyone who likes this hunt for micro-orders will surely enjoy it and be able to earn quite a bit of money.

4. Cashback – be smart and get your money back


  • Scondoo
  • Reebate
  • Getmore
  • Marktguru
  • Payback

There is another way to earn money with apps: we all cannot avoid buying new things every day or ordering them online: be it food, clothes, concert tickets or new electronic gadgets.

If you do this skillfully, you can get part of your money back in the form of vouchers and cashbacks when you spend money. There are a number of ways in which you can easily collect points and receive rewards via the app on your smartphone.

A popular and free cashback app is Scondoo, for example. Not only will bargain hunters find current discounts, vouchers and other promotions here, but there is also the option of having a large part of the purchase price refunded.

Anyone who cleverly uses Scondoo or similar apps like Reebate or Coupies can “earn” a lot of money. But remember that this only makes sense if you don’t spend money on unnecessary products, but only buy what you actually need.

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