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The drugstore chain DM offers its customers the opportunity to take part in product tests every now and then. However, the company not only concentrates on products from the cosmetic range, but also offers many other products. You can test the latest skin care products at DM, but products such as baby food or cleaning agents can also be tested. What do you have to do to become a product tester at DM?

Become a product tester at DM

DM regularly puts out product tests. Everything you need for registration, an email address or a social media profile. The drugstore chain always offers a wide range of product tests. In order to take part in a product test for DM, you have to apply for all orders. If a product test is advertised, DM accepts applications within 24 hours. After the application period, the tender will be closed and DM will decide who is allowed to take part in the product test. If you are selected for a product test, DM will then send you a personal email.

In advance of your application, however, you have to decide on certain product groups. This way, DM ensures that you are suitable for the product test and that you have the necessary interest in the respective product group. Be aware of many products DM receives a lot of inquiries, so apply for several tests

Conclusion: product testers at DM – is it worth it?

DM pays the tester no commission but the product costs are fully reimbursed everyone who has fun testing cosmetic products has come to the right place.

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