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How nice would it be to save some money or to earn money in everyday life without a lot of extra effort. Is it all just a dream? No! Earning money and shopping without spending money: it really works. Various options can be found on the Internet, which are presented in this article.

Basically everyone can use the options for free shopping. The option should of course be more interesting for students, retirees, large families or simply for bargain hunters, because those who save on shopping naturally have more in their wallets at the end of the month. There are various offers to shop for free. You can collect coupons or have the purchase price refunded via cashback. It is an additional source of income if you simply become a product tester. Earning money is made so easy, because as a product tester you receive an expense allowance in addition to the cashback.

Another bonus when shopping for free is the opportunity to test new products and, above all, branded products and special promotions such as delivery services for free. Because the average Otto consumer is often too price-conscious to buy the more expensive and possibly previously completely unknown branded product. No matter which method of free shopping you choose, it is ultimately a product test, but you can make money and save. Whether you discover so-called couponing (collecting coupons) or cashback for yourself, or whether you become a product tester and combine methods, depends on the one hand on personal taste and skill, but also on the time available. For couponing and cashback in particular, you have to search for coupons on the Internet or in newspapers, supplements or advertising mail. If you become a product tester, you have less organizational effort and can earn money in addition to the free product.

How does couponing work?

The coupon collecting fever is well known from American series. Coupons used to be called discount stamps in Germany and were already quite common in the post-war period and in the former GDR. Today there are various coupons online or, for example, in direct mail. With them you can usually not shop for free, but you can save. There are coupons in which a flat amount is deducted from a product of a certain brand. If the frozen Margherita pizza normally costs 2.49 euros and you have a coupon for a price reduction of 0.50 euros, the pizza with a coupon costs only 1.99 euros and becomes a real snapper. You can also find discount coupons with a percentage printed on them. If you have a coupon with the imprint 20 percent for the 2.49 euro frozen pizza, it costs only 2.00 euro. In addition to these discount coupons, there are also coupons where you get something extra when you buy a certain product, for example “two for one”. This means that you only have to pay for one product, but you take two of the same variety with you. There is also the possibility to buy a certain product of a brand that has been in the range for a long time, and you get a free pack of the new flavor.

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Cashback: Reimbursement of the purchase price

Cashback is another way to save money and with cashback you can actually shop for free. However, you have to make advance payments yourself first. In order to know which products you will get a refund for, you first have to do some research. Then buy the relevant product, always take the receipt with you and scan or photograph it at home. Send a scan or photo to the appropriate cashback address and you will be refunded the purchase price within a few days to four weeks. Often you need a PayPal account for the refund. The disadvantage is that you have to transfer the money from your PayPal account to your normal bank account if you don’t want to buy anything via PayPal. In the end, however, you still haven’t paid for your purchase.

Become a product tester

As a product tester in particular, you can easily earn money! With this popular method, it is not only possible to select a popular product for free, but also to be able to earn money on the side! All you have to do is take on a small order for a product testing company. Find one or more companies on the Internet that are active in the field of product testing. Check whether the company is reputable and how the payout process works. Becoming a product tester is very easy: register on the website, enter your data and you are ready to go. As a rule, you usually need an account on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and Paypal before you can start earning your first income. As a product tester, select a product that you want to test from the list of product test companies. Often there are orders from all areas – from food to electronics. You pay for the product and submit the receipt or the invoice with proof of payment to your product test provider and the price will be reimbursed as soon as possible. Then test the product: Your task is now to write a review of the product on Amazon, for example, and to post it. You inform the product testing company that you have finished the order and receive an expense allowance in addition to the product.

Making money as a product tester is really easy. Unfortunately, you cannot do an endless number of tests for a company in a month, because otherwise it can be seen from the reviews on the Internet for companies like Amazon that you are working more or less commercially. As a result, your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to order or rate anything. You can’t make big money with product tests, but it’s a way to go shopping for free and add to your postage. So what are you waiting for?

Organization of free shopping

What is the best way to go about shopping as much as possible for free or even to earn something? Organization is everything here! For example, you can make a list with items of daily or weekly needs – food, care and cleaning products. If possible, create the list on the computer and add a column “Supply”. Here you enter how much you already have in stock, because it makes no sense to buy ten cans of peas every month and put in stock just because peas are on sale.

The list of requirements gives you a clue as to which coupons or cashback offers to look for. There are now even a few apps available to make your work easier. It also makes sense to subscribe to the relevant newsletters. In this way, you gradually secure the products that you absolutely need.

Anything beyond that is, so to speak, a gift and brings fun and a breath of fresh air to the otherwise boring everyday shopping life. It is also important never to forget or misplace the till receipt or payment receipt (when paying on the Internet), because without a receipt there is no money back. Collect all receipts sorted by date and check regularly whether the amounts have been reimbursed. Then make a note that the amount has been paid and look forward to your free purchase.

If you work as a product tester, you also check that the expense allowance has been received. If you compare all the methods, you can save a lot with couponing and cashback, but the effort should not be underestimated. Those who want it easier can become a product tester, for example at Testerhero. This means that the organization is in the hands of the company and less of you.


Shopping without spending money, that works! The savings potential is enormous if you proceed in an organized and forward-looking manner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work entirely without work: It is important to always be well informed and to have the current coupons and cashback offers in order. It is easier if you become a product tester and earn additional money with the expense allowance. Overall, it’s good if you’re curious, organized, and flexible. Shopping for free then not only offers the advantage of saving and making money, but also has a real fun factor!

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