Earning money during college

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Anyone who studies knows that life can be very expensive. Rent, food, living expenses and materials for the university are just a few of the cost factors that arise and have to be paid for. That is why there are many students who want a part-time job during university in order to be more independent and to be able to pay the costs. There are also several earning opportunities that can be of interest to students. Here we show some of the possible variants that are very practical during university.

Work every week or only during the semester break

If the students are very busy and have a full program to cope with every day, it is not that easy to have a job. That’s why students first have to be clear about when they want and can work. The following scenarios are possible:

  • Occasionally work at irregular intervals
  • Work weekly on certain days
  • Earn money only during the semester break

It also depends on different situations such as learning material, times of lectures and the like. Fortunately, there are various ways of earning money while studying.

Accepting a job in the supermarket

First of all, jobs in the supermarket are ideal. Often people are wanted there to put the goods on the shelves. But students could also be used at the cash register. Such jobs are often offered on a EUR 450 basis. Often, such an extra income can also be reconciled with the times at university, so that there are no difficulties in this regard.

Test products for free as a product tester – earn money on the side

But sometimes it is also the case that students are very busy with their time. If so, it might be difficult to work in the supermarket as well. A job that could be done flexibly within your own four walls would be a good option for making money. Because of this, many students are looking for jobs as product testers so that they can test products for free. If you work as a product tester, you can normally organize your time freely and, above all, work from home. Products are made available by the respective companies for tests, which in the best case may even be kept. Testers can test products for free and get paid for it. Due to the flexibility and the simple possibility, product tester jobs are in great demand. Earning money from home is a good option for you too? Then maybe you are right with us!

Image: Here is a waiter with several drinks in the restaurant to serve the drinks to the guests. Image source: ongchinonn via pixabay.com

Interesting part-time jobs in gastronomy

But there are also many students who like to work in restaurants or in bars and discotheques on the side, as long as the Corona situation does not spoil the bill. Especially in heavily frequented regions, the catering establishments are happy when they have students as temporary workers who also like to be active in the evenings. Whether as a waitress or as a service person in the kitchen, everything is suitable for students. But students can also make themselves useful as delivery drivers for food suppliers.

Doctoral jobs as a good alternative

In addition, there are always promotions from various companies or at trade fairs where students are welcome. You could do a lot of different tasks, such as:

  • Entry control
  • Service
  • Distribution of promotional materials

In addition, the doctoral jobs can be selected by yourself. For example, if you only want to distribute flyers at the trade fair or at a promotional stand, you can only distribute flyers. Other students, on the other hand, want to take on more responsibility or work as service staff. Since there are usually many jobs in these areas, this is a really good alternative so that anyone interested can find an exciting job.

Deliver newspapers and brochures

It would also be possible to earn money at the same time by delivering newspapers or brochures. Often such jobs are also given in university cities, so that no long journeys are necessary. The distribution of flyers and brochures or the delivery of newspapers is done very quickly and can often be flexibly divided. It’s a good way to make money this way.

Temporary work at companies as packers and co

Companies in university towns often offer temporary jobs, for example as packers. Such jobs can usually also be combined with university hours. It is therefore advisable to ask the various companies that are located in the area. Perhaps there is one or the other opportunity to earn a few euros on site. It doesn’t have to be just as a packer. Light office tasks like sorting would also be a good option.

Earn money as a copywriter or designer from home

Another way to be flexible in terms of time would be to work as a copywriter or designer. Anyone who feels at home in the field of language or design could take on a copywriting or designer job and earn a few euros in addition. Such jobs can usually be done without any time pressure. In any case, it would be worth a try to earn money from home. If it doesn’t work as expected, you can always change the saddle and take a different direction.

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Give tutoring and benefit

Those who are particularly good in their field could also give tutoring and help students in this way. Students with learning difficulties are happy when they have good help on hand and thus their grades are improved. It’s a win-win situation. Students make their living by imparting knowledge to students. Students benefit from the students’ expertise and get better at school. Above all, tutoring lessons can be held well after university, so that the time harmonizes well.

Or only work during the semester break

If you can’t or don’t want to earn money on a regular basis, you could just use the semester break. There are enough companies that happily call on students for a few weeks. This can be in production in an industrial company, for example. Some companies also offer student jobs specifically for working students and advertise them in order to get support during the semester break. In any case, there is no lack of opportunities so that students can also earn a few euros.

Conclusion: there are many options for students

After studying the subject intensively, we discovered that there are many ways for students to earn money. Whether from home or at a company on site, everything is possible in the field of jobs. There should be a suitable job offer for every requirement and need. Sometimes it may take a while to find exactly the right job. But the search can be really worthwhile and paid for.

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