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REWE in one of the largest German retail chains, product tests for new products are also required here. Here you will find a large number of different manufacturers that you can test and evaluate. After you have created a user account, you can apply for active product tests. Then we select the appropriate test and wait for confirmation.

How can I even become a Rewe tester!

In order to take part in REWE product tests, you first need a user account. To do this, you can register on the platform with your e-mail address, your name and your date of birth or log in with your Facebook or Google login. If you register by e-mail, remember to click the link in our confirmation e-mail and also look in the spam folder.

Are product tests at Rewe free of charge?

YES, participation in REWE product tests is free and independent of other REWE services. You bear any fees for internet use yourself.


Rewe offers a large number of product tests, but the selection is still limited to the food sector. To try out some new products on the market, Rewe is brilliant!

The time it takes to advertise the products is done in a few seconds and the confirmation is sent by email.

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