About us

Who is TesterHero?

We are a small team of 6 programmers and lateral thinkers in the heart of Baden, Württemberg, who have made it our mission to connect companies and people in order to be able to offer both sides the greatest benefits.

Big profits

We look for new offers for you every day and strive to remain the platform with the highest profits for you.

Evaluator Platform

Here are a few developments for the future:

Complete service platform
Testerhero should soon offer everyone the opportunity to give their own (product) tests to a huge tester pool in order to receive feedback on examples such as their own products or bachelor theses and much more
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More functions and advantages for users
Among other things, there will soon be the function of creating a tester profile so that customers can more easily find it for limited tests



One mission and one goal Together we can achieve a lot in order to improve products and to revolutionize the market

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