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Whether sporting goods, cosmetics or technology: We work with companies from a wide variety of industries. With us you are guaranteed to find products that interest you!

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For many orders you not only get between 5 and 25 euros. With Testerhero you also collect points that you can redeem for Amazon vouchers, for example.

You are in the right place if ...

  • - You want to earn money as a product tester from home,
  • - You want to test interesting products and keep them for free,
  • - Instant payment and quick refunds are important to you
  • - and you want to work flexibly and determine your working hours yourself



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    Registration is just a few clicks away. You then have immediate access to all available company and product tests. Simply select the product or company you want and start earning money immediately. You get products for free and improve your household budget at the same time!
  • 02. Test products
    We offer simple step-by-step instructions for each test. This saves you from having to spend a lot of time understanding the requirements and can easily complete the tests successfully. Whether young or old: testing Amazon products with Testerhero is suitable for every age group!
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    That was it! Enjoy the advantages of Testerhero and become part of our fantastic community. Please follow us onInstagram, Facebook and Telegram (@TesterHeroSupport), to exchange ideas with other product testers and not miss any news.

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7 common questions

You need:

- PayPal account (for refunds)
- Amazon profile or other profiles such as Google (depending on the order)

That was it!

It all depends on you! Do you only want to test products for 10 minutes a day or for hours? The more products you test, the more you can earn - of course! If you test all of the products with us, you can currently earn a total of 200 euros. However, the range is growing steadily and there are continuously new product tests and earning opportunities.

Important : Due to the different payment levels for product tests, there is no flat-rate hourly wage. However, on average, you can earn 15 to 25 € per hour by testing our products. If you take into account the fact that you can keep the product after testing it, this is more than fair pay!

Yes, you can! However, we do not want your Amazon user account to be blocked for reviews - therefore a maximum of 9 tests per month are possible.

We have products from all industries. So the chances are high that you will find a product at Testerhero that you would normally spend money on. In addition to Amazon product tests, we also offer companies reputable Google and Trustpilot reviews. We pay you for that too!

No! There are no regulations regarding our ratings - but of course you should already test products that you will probably like. After all, no company likes to give away its products for a negative rating!

With our cashback program, you order online as usual. Then keep the products and get your money back in 48 hours at the latest. Since you came to the online shop via Testerhero, Testerhero receives a commission. We will pass this on to you. So you can not only earn with a product test, but also with your normal shopping behavior!

We make money through commissions from companies:

- We receive a commission for every completed test that you give us your feedback on.
- We receive a commission if you continue to use the tested product privately.


You have further questions? With pleasure!